How to connect your store

Step1, Registration

To get started, you need to register. To register, you only need an email and a password for your Bcon account.

Step2, Profile settings

LogIn, then go to “Settings” page and select the equivalent currency to display balances. The default value is the US dollar. Specify in which currency you want to see the nominal display of the value of the received cryptocurrency.

Also, We strongly recommend you to enable two-factor authentication in your profile settings.

Save changes.

Step3, Choose integration

You can use our plugins for wordpress or opencart. Or write your own solution based on our API.

Step4, Connect your store

Go to => “Platforms” page.
Here you must specify:

    1. The name of your store ( optional ) – will be indicated in the Payment History so that you can see for which site the transaction was made.
    2. Tag (optional) – Also additional information, note, at your discretion
    3. BTC / BNB drop-down list, in each of which you must fill in your wallet details in order to receive cryptocurrency from your clients. It is not necessary to complete both blockchain pages. If you want to accept only BTC, you only need to fill in the data for the BTC wallet, and leave BNB empty. For BTC, you must specify the public key, as well as one of the wallets generated by this key to verify the correctness of the entered public key.For BNB, specify your wallet.
    4. Link to your callback script

If you have used our wordpress or opencart plugins, the plugins will give you a link to the callback. If you are using our API, please read API description.

After creating the Store, you need to open it again, API keys for connection will be generated there. For BTC its own, for BNB its own. If you are using our plugins, please paste them in the appropriate plugin field. If you are using our API, please read the API description.

You can create an unlimited number of stores, i.e. connect an unlimited number of your sites / stores.

Step5, Verify it works

Verify that the connected solution works. Try to buy something on your site. If everything works, you will see the Invoice for payment in the form of a wallet for payment and the amount.