First 5 payments for test

Register now and get your first 5 payments for test. If you want to continue to work with us you have to pay for those 5 transactions.

Prepay Balance System

Pay the commission in a separate payment by replenishing the balance of your personal account.

No hidden tax fees

We have only 1% fee on each transaction.

Frequently asked questions

More about 5 test transactions?

Without topping up your balance, you can make 5 real transactions through our gateway. Those. Let's say if you have an online store, you can sell 5 times through our service. We will deduct a commission of 1% from the amount of each transaction. If you like our service and want to use us further, you will have to pay off the debt.

How to pay for your services?

We work on a prepaid basis. In the Fees section of your personal account, you have two wallets, one for BTC and one for BNB. To be able to work with the BTC blockchain, you need to fund your BTC account. For BNB respectively BNB account. We will deduct fees from these accounts, which you must fund in a separate payment. If your balance is negative, we will send you an email notification. If you run out of funds on your BTC balance, you will not be able to receive BTC. The same is true for BNB. We provide 5 additional transactions after reaching a negative balance, but after that, access will be limited until you replenish the account balance of the corresponding blockchain.

Prepaid balance system?

We are a non-custodial service, we cannot deduct fees directly from a transaction. Therefore, you need to pay for our services in advance by replenishing the balance of your account. Read the previous question "How to pay for your services".

Referral program bonuses?

Invite friends and get 20% of the service commission on your balance from each transaction of your referral.

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Can i cash out?

Yes, of course, you can cash out your account balance. LogIn and go to "Fund withdrawal". Enable Two - factor authentication previously. Create a withdrawal ticket. You will receive your funds minus the blockchain transfer fee.


First 5 payments for test ✓ Prepay Balance System ✓ Only 1% fee ✓

Experience the numerous benefits of using a non-custodial crypto payment gateway for your transactions. By registering with us, you will receive your first 5 test payments at no cost. If you decide to continue working with our platform, simply pay for these 5 transactions by replenishing your personal account balance with a separate payment. Our fee structure is incredibly competitive, with only a 1% fee applied to each transaction. This ensures that you can enjoy cost-effective and efficient crypto payments. Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your payment processes and enhance your financial flexibility. Join us today and revolutionize the way you pay and receive funds with cryptocurrencies.