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Our Bitcoin Payments plugin is the fastest and easiest way to start accepting bitcoin payments on your WordPress online store.

Frequently asked questions

Do you keep wallet keys?

Wallets are not managed, maintained, or affiliated with Bcon, and Bcon does not have or have control over the contents of your wallet, nor is it able to extract or transfer its contents.

What documentation is required?

Bcon doesn't require any documentation / KYC. You only need an email address to start,

What currencies and blockchains do Bcon support?

We currently support BTC and BNB ( BSC , BEP-20 ) blockchains and payment only in their native BTC / BNB coin, respectively. In the future, we are going to expand both the list of blockchains and the list of tokens on these blockchains.

Which wallet is better to use?

Since we are a non-custodial gateway, we recommend using non-custodial wallets. This means that you will have access and control over your finances exclusively. We recommend these wallets for Bitcoin: Electrum, Wasabi, Ledger, Trezor .

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Download WordPress plugin

Installation Instructions

  1. Under your WordPress store dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New, and add “WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Bcon Global”. Install it and activate it.
  2. Head over to the settings, where you will be prompted to provide the API key.
  3. Set your API key provided by your Bcon Global account (from Merchants -> Store).
  4. Copy the Callback URL and set it to Bcon Global under Merchants -> Store -> Add a new store. Also fill-in your wallet xpub (follow given instructions) and any tag that you want (example: “WordPress store”).
  5. Save Changes on both WordPress and Bcon Global. You can test setup under the “Currencies” tab. It should say “success”.

Download WordPress plugin

Non-Custodial Crypto Payments with No KYC at Bcon Global

Crypto Payment Non-Custodial Solution For Business ✓ Buy & Sell any Assets ✓ No KYC Crypto Payment Gateway ✓ BconGlobal Helps You Receive Payments from anyone. Experience the convenience and flexibility of crypto payments with Bcon Global’s revolutionary non-custodial crypto payment system. Our unique service empowers businesses and individuals to seamlessly pay and receive payments in cryptocurrency, offering unmatched security, privacy, and flexibility.

Unmatched Security and Privacy in Crypto Payments

At Bcon Global, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. Our non-custodial approach ensures that we never store private keys, providing peace of mind knowing that your funds remain secure in your personal wallets. With no KYC requirements, registering for our service is hassle-free, requiring only an email address.

Remarkably Low Transaction Fees for Crypto Payments

Enjoy remarkably low transaction fees with Bcon Global. We charge a nominal 1% fee per transaction, which is significantly lower than other payment solutions in the market. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to pay transaction fees separately, allowing you to maintain control over your finances and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Test Transactions and Seamless Integration for Crypto Payments

Experience the seamless functionality of Bcon Global firsthand with five complimentary test transactions. Our integration plugins for popular platforms like WordPress and OpenCart make it effortless to implement crypto payments on your website, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Diversification and Market Reach with Crypto Payments

Expand your market reach with Bcon Global. We support two major blockchains, BTC and BNB, providing a wide range of payment options for your customers. Pay with their preferred cryptocurrency, enhancing customer satisfaction and diversifying your payment options.

Real-time Monitoring and Exceptional Support for Crypto Payments

Stay informed with real-time monitoring of exchange rates through Bcon Global’s user-friendly dashboard. Gain valuable insights into market fluctuations for informed decision-making. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Receive payments directly to your cold or hot wallet created on any service convenient for you. Forget about bindings to CEX, Banks, KYC! Bcon Global makes it easy. Connect your existing wallet using public keys or wallet addresses, ensuring full control over your operations. We prioritize your anonymity and eliminate legal restrictions.

Join Bcon Global today and embark on a new era of efficient and secure crypto transactions. Experience the convenience, security, and flexibility of crypto payments with our secure platform, minimal transaction fees, comprehensive integration options, and exceptional customer support.