Get paidby inviting people

Get lifetime 20% of the service commissions from each transaction of the attracted user !

How referals work


Invite a friend with your refferal link

Send your unique referral link to your friends or host it on your website.

Receive commission on each of their sales

Affiliates will get 20% commission on the fees paid by your referred customer.

Get paid or top up your balance

Your referral revenue can be sent to your wallet or used towards your BconGlobal fees.

Referral Example

Your referred merchant receives $10,000 USD in revenue

BconGlobal deducts 1% in fees ($100 USD)

You'll take 20% of BconGlobal’s fees ($20 USD)

Common questions

How do I get my referral link?

Create a free account with Bcon Global Log into your account and click Wallet Watcher at the top menu, then click Referral. Click "Copy link" to save the link to your clipboard.

How can I check my accumulated referral income?

Your earnings will be accumulated and displayed on your account balances in the "Commissions and Deposits". Depending on which blockchain we debited the commission from, the corresponding account will be replenished. If we charge from bitcoin transaction, you will be replenished by Bitcoin, If BNB, then BNB.

How do I withdraw my referral commission?

LogIn and go to "Fund withdrawal". Enable Two - factor authentication previously. Create a withdrawal ticket. You will receive your funds minus the blockchain transfer fee.

What are your terms and conditions?

Read more in our separate article

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Do you have a traffic source? Get a lifetime 20% of the service commission from each operation of the attracted client. We provide an opportunity to monetize the flow of your traffic and receive a stable income as a commission. Invite your friends or connect a large retail store and you can no longer go to work.