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Frequently asked questions

How can I integrate your API in my Ecommerce Store?

If you are using OpenCart or WordPress, you can use our ready-made plugins. If you have a different platform, you will have to write your own solution through our API. The usage is pretty simple. Register, create a Store, get an API key to create your own solution.

How many sites can I connect?

You can connect any number of sites.

I need help connecting your API

Please contact us through the support form in your personal account. We will try to help you.

How do I monitor operations?

To do this, you have a personal account in which you can track your receipts in real time, view payment history, exchange rate changes, as well as the residual balance of your wallet.

What are the alternative ways to replenish the balance?

You can receive additional funds to your account balance through the referral program and spend them at your discretion. Either use them to pay for our services or withdraw them to your wallet.

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What wallets can I connect to your service?

For BTC, you can connect any wallet that gives you a public key. With it, we will generate wallets for your invoices. For BNB, it is enough to have a static wallet number, i.e. you can use absolutely any wallet.

Which wallet is better to use?

Since we are a non-custodial gateway, we recommend using non-custodial wallets. This means that you will have access and control over your finances exclusively. We recommend these wallets for Bitcoin: Electrum, Wasabi, Ledger, Trezor .

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Crypto Payment Non-Custodial Solution For Business ✓ Buy & Sell any Assets ✓ No KYC Crypto Payment Gateway ✓ BconGlobal Helps You Receive Payments from anyone. We are non-custodial cryptogateway, which means you can connect any wallet and receive money directly to it, bypassing third parties. Through our API, you can write your own solutions for your own projects of any level. At the moment, you can use several blockchains, BTC and BNB to receive payment.  We only charge you only a 1% commission based on the analysis of income through our API. Since we are not a financial intermediary, we cannot require you to verify your identity. Work anonymously and without hindrance, getting the maximum benefit from our cooperation.