BTC wallet and xpub

What is an xpub?

An xpub is the extended public key of your wallet. At Bcon Global, it is represented with the prefix xpub/ypub/zpub. We utilize the xpub to generate unique addresses for each order. These addresses belong to your own wallet, ensuring that received payments are immediately credited to your wallet balance.

How do I find wallet xpub?

Here are detailed instructions on how to obtain the public key (xpub) for each supported wallet:

  1. Electrum 3.x: Go to Wallet > Information.
  2. Mycelium: Navigate to Accounts > Select the desired account > Choose Export from the Menu > Show Public.
  3. myTREZOR: Access Basic Settings > Show XPUBs.
  4. Blockchain.com: Head to Settings > Wallets & Addresses > Manage > More Options > Show xPub.
  5. Ledger: Click on Accounts > Select the Account > Click on the ToolBox Icon (Top Right) > Advanced Logs.
  6. Airbitz: On the Transactions screen, click the three dots > Export > Wallet Public Seed (XPub) > View or Save.
  7. Bitcoin Wallet (Android): Click the three dots > Settings > Diagnostics > Show xpub > Share to clipboard or email.
  8. Exodus Wallet: Go to Wallet > Export XPub (Note: It exports two xpubs; please use the one with the zpub prefix).
  9. Edge App (Android and iOS): Access Bitcoin Wallet Settings > View XPub Address.
  10. Wasabi Wallet: Load Wallet > Advanced > Wallet Info > Extended account zpub.

Please refer to this article for more information.

I am getting an invalid xpub error, what to do?

If you encounter an invalid xpub error, it might be due to mistakenly entering a bitcoin address like 1JCe8z4jJVNXSjohjM4i9Hh813dLCNx2Sy. Remember that the xpub key follows a different format, for instance: xpub2309Rfjenjkf3U89DCfnSAFsjdw83r49dkffg4e68EFH3EG5T4REF934834jfe8oj340fjj98hf3F48FJ9j3sld3fg95njgf3j2e0k3j49g. Please refer to the above instructions to correctly find your wallet’s xpub.

What are the risks of revealing my xpub?

Disclosing your xpub carries no significant risks, as it is a public key. Neither Bcon Global nor any third party can gain access to your wallet using the xpub. Your bitcoin funds and private keys always remain under your full control.