Service fees

The service commission is 1% of the amount of each transaction received through the service API, this also applies to plugins. If you received money to a wallet connected to our service not through the service API, but let’s say someone just decided to transfer money to you. We do not charge commission on such transactions. Before using our service, you need to make a prepayment for our services in a separate payment. We physically cannot debit the commission automatically from your transaction. We do not have access to your wallets and money. You can replenish your account balance in the “Сommissions and deposits” section. Balances for BTC and BNB are replenished separately. To be able to work with the BTC blockchain, you need to fund your BTC account. For BNB respectively BNB account. We will deduct fees from these accounts, which you must fund in a separate payment. If your balance is negative, we will send you an email notification. If you run out of funds on your BTC balance, you will not be able to receive BTC. The same is true for BNB. We provide 5 additional transactions after reaching a negative balance, but after that, access will be limited until you replenish the account balance of the corresponding blockchain.