Data collection and identification

We do not collect any information other than your email address, IP address, browser fingerprint, link to the site you connect to and your wallets. The email is needed to be able to restore your account in case of loss of authorization data, as well as to contact you. The IP address is needed to be able to determine if your account has been hacked. Since someone may try to withdraw funds from the balance of your account on our service. We remind you that technically there is no access to your wallets and it is impossible to steal your funds through our service. Tech support will check the latest account changes and IP address differences in case of a request for withdrawal of funds or changes in the data of connected sites (stores). We see the address of the connected site as it interacts through our API and your wallets to which funds are received. We do not collect or share any additional information. The collection and storage of this information is solely due to the technical requirements for the functioning of the service.