The Dashboard tab of your personal account has two sub-tab, “All currencies” and “Only available in wallet” displays the following data:

All currencies
Shows all your income :

  • Price and its change (24 hours / week) for BTC and BNB relative to fiat currency (you can choose fiat currency in your account settings).
  • Amount and volume relative to all profits received for the week. Visual display of the amount of funds received in BTC and BNB.
  • History of receiving funds in BTC and BNB for a day and 30 days, as well as changes in the price of these assets in relation to fiat currency (you can choose a fiat currency in your account settings) from the moment of receipt to your wallet.

Only available in wallet
It has the same functionality as the previous tab, except for one significant point. It does not show all transactions, but only those transactions that are left on your wallets. Let’s say you received $50 from a sale. As long as this money is in your wallet, this tab will display this transaction and show it on the balance. If you withdraw this money to another, 3rd wallet, which does not belong to your public key ( In the case of BTC ), this transaction will disappear. Those. this tab displays only the actual funds that are physically available on all your wallets generated through our API. Therefore, as soon as you transfer, let’s say $30 out of $50 to your friend, or pay for something. This tab will show that the balance of the wallet is $20.

Using this functionality, you can track the dynamics and volumes of sales and income, as well as conveniently view the profitability of storing received funds in the native currency of specific blockchains. In our case, these are BTC and BNB.