Review of the platform and its functionality

The essence of the project

Bcon Global is a non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway designed for Ecommerce. The uniqueness of our service lies in its non-custodial approach. We act as a bridge between the business owner’s cryptocurrency wallet and their selling platform (online store). Through our gateway, you can start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method on your website or online store without handing control of your assets to a third party. In other words, you receive payment directly into your wallet from your customers. This can be described as a peer-to-peer (P2P) interaction, as your customers’ funds do not go through our service’s accounts, and we have no way of affecting your financial flows, such as blocking your wallet or freezing your funds.

What we offer

  • Receive payment in BTC or BNB (BEP-20)
  • Integration plugins for WordPress, OpenCart
  • Security. You don’t need to provide access keys to your wallet. You only need to specify the addresses of your wallets, which will be included in the payment invoices on your Ecommerce platform.
  • No HOLD, no KYC. We cannot freeze your funds (as they are in your possession), and we do not have access to them. No need for verification processes like KYC. You don’t have to wait for fund withdrawals since they are already with you.
  • Income statistics. As all blockchain payments are public, we track your earnings for each connected store and present them in a user-friendly statistic format. Export options include XLS, CSV, as well as graphical representations.
  • Low fees. We charge only a 1% fee for payments made through our service. Since we cannot automatically deduct the fee from your transactions, we record it as a balance on your account on our website. You can replenish your account balance with a separate payment.
  • Partner program. Refer a friend and receive 20% of the service fee from each payment made by your referral.
  • Functional API. Use our API to develop your own payment solutions

How to connect a wallet

For Bitcoin, you need to provide the public key for wallet generation. Separate wallet adress for each new invoice will be generated. We recommend using the following BTC wallets: Electrum, Wasabi, Exodus. (Why these? Read in our article.) For BNB, you just need to provide the wallet address.

Here is Example:

2. Get your BTC public key.

2. Create a Store and connect wallet using xpub.

3. Now users of your store can pay directly to your wallet.

It will look the same when connecting, for example, a BNB wallet from MetaMask.

Income History & rates

Our platform offers extensive capabilities for monitoring your earnings, statistics, and financial records.You can monitor your income in real-time, observe the fluctuations in exchange rates compared to fiat currency at the moment of fund reception. Additionally, you have the ability to trace the transactions that remain in your wallet and those that have been withdrawn.

You can also view your transactions by sorting them using various filters, such as store, date, payment currency, and other criteria. Additionally, you can export the sorted results or the entire database in a format of your choice, such as CSV or XLS.

How to Pay fee

To top up your balance, go to the ‘Commissions and Deposits’ section. Balances for BTC and BNB are managed separately. For BTC transactions, it’s essential to fund your BTC account, and for BNB transactions, fund your BNB account. We deduct fees from these accounts, and you’ll need to cover them with a separate payment. In case your balance goes negative, we’ll notify you via email.If your BTC balance runs out, you won’t be able to receive BTC, and the same applies to BNB. We offer 5 additional transactions after reaching a negative balance, but afterward, access will be restricted until you replenish the corresponding blockchain account balance.

Join our Affiliate Program

By inviting your friends to become customers of our service, you can earn through our affiliate program. You receive a 20% share of our service’s commission, where our service charges 1% of the transaction amount. This translates to earning 0.20% of the referred user’s transaction amount. Your earned commissions are deposited into the balance of the specific blockchain (BTC or BNB) in which the transaction took place. You have the flexibility to utilize this balance to cover our services when using our API or to withdraw funds in the ‘Funds Withdrawal’ section.